The Ultimate Filipino Past-time

I didn’t know great deal about the Philippines before coming here, but one thing I was aware of was their love of karaoke. I have now learned that this is in fact called videoke and it is something that you can do pretty much everywhere. I really wanted to try it, I got very tempted […]

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Creepy Crawlies

We live in the tropics so there is just simply no getting away from bugs. We have a few varieties of ants in the house and also some resident geckos which make a bit of a racket. There are one or two in every room. Kyron calls them his little friends and he has named […]

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Sweating it Out

I am loving campus living! In our position, you get to enjoy all that campus offers – without the studying. My current reason for loving campus living is on-campus exercise classes.  A friend has been inviting me to an evening exercise class for a few weeks, but I haven’t been able to make it. Finally […]

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The Market

Three times a week there is a small market under the big tree and this is where we go to get our fruit and veg. Yes – we are so spoilt, we don’t even have to leave the campus to buy our mangoes by the kilo!  Our weekly fruit and veg shop includes a couple […]

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Rainy Days

With rainy days fast approaching it’s time to get out the ‘Busy Book’ and make a list of things to do when there’s a storm (or typhoon outside.) I’m told that the Philippines experiences about 20 typhoons each year, of those, maybe 40% may be strong ones or reach the area we are in.  Last […]

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