Creepy Crawlies

We live in the tropics so there is just simply no getting away from bugs. We have a few varieties of ants in the house and also some resident geckos which make a bit of a racket. There are one or two in every room. Kyron calls them his little friends and he has named them Lenny – yes they are all called Lenny.  I think they had babies because suddenly there are little tiny ones all over the place. Unfortunately I came out of the bathroom and on opening the door one fell to the ground. He had gotten squashed when I closed the door. I felt so bad,  I couldn’t tell Kyron.  These Lennies are pretty cool though because they eat whatever flying or crawling thing comes their way. Little cockroaches, moths, other weird unidentifiable bugs.

A couple weeks ago in the middle of the night I was sitting up in bed feeding Lucas in the dark and something brushed against me, I turned and I could see the silhouette of something on the headboard.  I had to squint and bit and get closer due to the lack of contact lenses, and there looming was one huge cockroach.  I had an almost-asleep baby feeding and every nerve in my body was telling me to run. But I did as any mother would do… never risk waking the sleeping baby. I shuffled forward and finished the feed, laid him in his cot and then squared up to the cockroach with my can of Baygon. Unfortunately I had to put on the light at that point because Baygon makes cockroach crazy, but luckily it sent him running out the room and not on to sleeping Tom. I chased him,  Baygonned him again and then a few seconds later he was belly up.  The baby stirred in the light, but stayed asleep. Phew!

Occasionally we see spiders. Really giant spiders. The kind you can’t squash because it would be like killing a rabbit.  So we just edge away from them and we figure they’ll go back to wherever it is they came from… or maybe one of the Lennies will get them – though I’m pretty sure with those long legs it would be like eating sticks, but anyway.




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