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Sweating it Out

I am loving campus living! In our position, you get to enjoy all that campus offers – without the studying. My current reason for loving campus living is on-campus exercise classes.  A friend has been inviting me to an evening exercise class for a few weeks, but I haven’t been able to make it. Finally last week she asked again. ‘Hey come to this lovely nice aerobics class.’  OK, I can do lovely nice aerobics class. So I packed up the boys and we headed to the gym with toys and food to keep them quiet for a while.

Lovely nice aerobics class? I don’t think so. This was flippin’ INSANITY!*   We had a DVD, a group of mainly women and our very own in house Shawn T. shouting at us.  I lasted all of 10 minutes before Lucas got fed up of watching me squat and jump and gave insanity promome a good excuse to leave before I collapsed.

So it may have been 10 minutes of murder, but I realised it is exactly what I need after a full day of my lovely but tiring boys.   So I got prepared with a helper to look after the boys and now 3 times a week I am there ‘earning it’.


*In case you haven’t watched the shopping channel, INSANITY is a high impact workout programme that claims to be the hardest work out video ever.


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