The Ultimate Filipino Past-time

I didn’t know great deal about the Philippines before coming here, but one thing I was aware of was their love of karaoke. I have now learned that this is in fact called videoke and it is something that you can do pretty much everywhere.

I really wanted to try it, I got very tempted when we were at a shopping mall with our friend and he said we can hire a private booth to sing in, but I figured Lucas and Kyron did not want to sit through an hour of us singing. So we left it and made a date for another more appropriate time. One normal Tuesday evening, we got ourselves a baby sitter and went out for a bit of videoke at a somewhat shady local establishment. We hired a private room and a couple of Tom’s colleagues came along. Tom and I started the session with what I would like to call an impressive version of Don’t Look Back in Anger. When we look back at the video our friends took, it sounded more like drunks at a football match. Suddenly after that my nerves set in and Tom’s disappeared. He proceeded to hog the microphone and belt out practically every Robbie Williams song there is, I timidly joined in with some other 90’s hits (we discovered we love our 90’s music), and our Filipino friends managed to grab the mic for a few ballads. It appears Filipinos love ballads – maybe that’s because they all can actually sing! Yes – that’s a huge generalisation I know!

So after my introduction into the world of videoke, would i do it again? Absolutely! But I feel I need to head back to the mall and hire my own booth so I can belt out my 90’s favourites without an audience. We did find out though that you can hire the machines pretty cheaply to use at home, so perhaps that’s the answer. Singing in the shower just got hi-tech!

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