Burot beach

Burot Beach

When we first considered moving to the Philippines, I bought a Lonely Planet guide and started planning all the places we would be exploring – the beautiful beaches, remote and untouched islands, tropical forests, volcanoes, rice terraces… the list seemed endless. But these dreams were brought to an abrupt halt with the realisation that we have a 1 year old and a 3 year old – and of course, I have a job!

But fortunately we’re blessed to live in a place where we can tick three things off the list on just a regular Sunday morning.

Burot Beach was one of those places I’d read about before leaving the UK, “a stretch of semi-fine cream sand beach kissed by calm waters, beautiful rock formations and dotted with trees.” And all within 2 hours of home!

So on Sunday we packed a picnic, picked up a couple of friends and headed off to our little bit of rustic paradise just down the road. I say “rustic” as there are no amenities apart from a couple of toilets that make you want to use the sea instead. Skirting round a stunningly beautiful crater ridge on the way down we stopped to pick up some buko (coconut) pie and bananas from beside the road.

Lucas playing with a starfishEntertaining two young children at the weekend can sometimes be a challenge, but not when you have a tropical beach to yourself, a calm shallow bath temperature sea and endless amounts of sand for two little boys to make regular trips back and forth attempting to fill the sea with sand!

Sitting with Kay in the shallow water watching Lucas handle a giant orange starfish whilst Kyron wades around spotting little fish; I can’t help thinking this is a world away from growing up next to my childhood beach… wrapped in a towel, shivering to stay warm after a dip in the north sea, and sitting behind the windbreak whilst keeping a worried eye on the looming grey cloud. We will enjoy our August day on the beach!

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